Mosquitoes Are Bad For You

Mosquitoes fall among the worst insects in regard to human health and in the society as they affect entirely all spheres of human life in general. They are widely known to transmit or cause serious diseases and conditions that adversely impact on human life, causing death and other loses in the general society. Female Anopheles mosquito is known to be the worst mosquito in causing diseases. It sucks blood and ingests it because it requires protein and iron so as to produce eggs. Mosquito bites by injecting anticoagulants and saliva to the wound it causes. Through these mosquito substances, a parasite or a virus is transmitted to human beings and other animals. Mosquitoes are therefore dangerous to humans and their society at large because of various health hazards:

Mosquitoes spread diseases to over 700 million people every year. Some of these diseases are briefly discussed below:

Malaria – malaria is caused by a specific mosquito parasite called Plasmodium Malariae. Malaria affects 515 million people world- wide every year and between 1 and 3 million people die every year. Of these deaths, majority involve children. Symptoms of Malaria include, fever, shills, headache, vomiting, joint pain nausea and bleeding into the skin.

Yellow fever-is spread by a virus transmitted through mosquito saliva. Its symptoms include nausea, bleeding in the skin, vomiting and headache. Severe cases of nausea lead to increased internal bleeding, coma or even death. 200,000 cases of infection are reported every year while 30000 cases are reported are death cases.

Encephalitis or West Nile – Mosquitoes transmit at more than six types of Encephalitis. Encephalitis symptoms include headache, light sensitivity, and fever. Usually, fewer fatalities are reported.

Dengue fever—It is spread by a virus produced by mosquito saliva. Symptoms of infection are muscle pain, severe dizziness, mucus membrane bleeding, fever, diarhoea vomiting and headache. 50- million incidences are reported to occur annually in the world. The rate of fatalities is 2.5 % equal to 125,000 deaths.

Epidemic polyarthritis or Ross River virus: It is most viral to countries like Australia and Papua New Guinea. Symptoms can continue for as long as 6 months. It infects 400 people every year. Fatality cases are minimal. Some of the symptoms include headache, fever, rash joint pain..

Filariasis—It is worse in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The parasite hides inside the lymphatic system, then causes thickening surrounding tissues and skin. Tissue thickening is called elephantiasis. It usually infects lower extremities and genitalia. Currently, the number of infected people across the globe amounts to 120 million.

In a nutshell, mosquitos are more destructive than constructive, yet easy to control. Use of treated mosquito nets and slashing the surrounding bushes are some of the ways of preventing mosquito infestation. Assistance from qualified health officers should also be sought to do away with mosquito related illness immediately symptoms are observed.